About Us

HG Plywood, a manufacturer and supplier of plywood in Vietnam established in 2008, is one of the reputable plywood suppliers in northern Vietnam.

HG Plywood

Our Products

HG Plywood's Capabilities

  • We can produce and supply up to 200 forty-foot containers per month.
  • We have a team of 200 workers at the factory and 10 office staff.
  • With 5 affiliated factories, we are always ready to fulfill any order.

The Numbers

  • 10+ Amazing brands collaborations
  • 15+ Years of working experience.
  • 100+ Daily orders from our customers.
  • 200+ Hard working workers
  • 5000+ Days of Effort and Endeavor

Business Strategy

HG Plywood Business Strategy

We consider high-quality products and sustainable development as key components for creating high value and promoting societal economic growth. Gradually expanding business until it becomes well-known, establishing a strong brand identity and leading position in the plywood industry.